Parking Committee


To engage members of the community in finding creative and sustainable solutions to the, lack of proper parking space in the city. Likewise, to identify and implement viable options for generating funds that will maintain and enhance these solutions for years to come. In addition, to identify and implement proper long-term planning aimed at preventing further parking issues from arising in the future.



Inclusiveness - We value input from anyone in the community with full respect for all people and opinions. We will value diversity in our meetings and in all solutions that are implemented.


Participation - We are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration. We will value and recognize the contribution of volunteers, and encourage members to share all opinions and ideas without fear of animosity based on differing opinions.


Quality - We will strive for excellence through continuous improvement, and will work to identify the most efficient, viable, and achievable solutions to the parking issues.


Transparency - We will sustain clear and open communication both internally amongst committee members, and externally to the residents of the city. Our findings and any related financial and/or legal subject matter will be available for review at all times.


  1. Rick Detkowski
  2. Jennifer Radcliff
  3. Trena Besch
  4. Jason Kneisc
  5. Eric lines
  6. Kay Pearson