Trees & Garden Committee

All aspects of City wide tree management are handled by this committee. The group inventories City trees and works closely with an arborist to monitor tree health. The committee also researches types of trees to determine the best species to use in each individual location that warrants tree replacement.

​Tree Grant

The Tree Committee, and ultimately the residents of Clarkston, has benefited from a tree grant. As of fall 2015, seven trees have been planted. The grant will run through October 2016, therefore the committee will soon be actively researching locations to begin the 2016 planting. If you have a specific location you think merits consideration, please contact the committee using the contact information on this page.

The Right Tree in the Right Place

Click here to visit the Arbor Day Foundation website.
The Right Tree in the Right Place

Memorial Trees

Additionally, the committee is planning to implement a program for Memorial trees. We currently have many trees planted in Depot Park, both Memorial and otherwise, and are limited in the amount of open space available. Any future memorial trees will be planted on the streets throughout the City. We are proposing a bulletin board to be ground mounted close to Village Hall which would show where memorial trees are planted and to whom they are dedicated to. The bulletin board would also display other events taking place in the City.