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South Main Street Banner #1

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Rental Fee

$200.00 for two weeks

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Banner Hanging Request Instructions

1) Review the calendar below to see if your required dates are available.
Please note, the City can accommodate two banners over South Main Street by hanging them back to back, therefore be sure to check South Main Street Banner #2 if South Main Street Banner #1 is unavailable.

2) Fill out the Banner Hanging Reservation Form. Upon completion, this form will automatically be emailed to the City Staff for review.  
Banners are typically installed on Monday mornings. Your Facility Request Date should start on a Monday and run through a Sunday, two weeks later (total time installed is 14 days). Please choose your dates accordingly.

3) In accordance with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) guidelines, only non-commercial banners are allowed. You must submit a sketch or picture of your banner to the City who will request approval from MDOT. You can upload your photo during the online reservation process, or you can email DPW.

4) Wait for a pending confirmation email advising you your request is available and has been approved by MDOT. You will receive a confirmed confirmation after payment is received.

5)  Payment must be made prior to your reservation being approved. You can pay online here, by mail or by stopping in the City Office located at 375 Depot Rd, Clarkston, MI 48346. If our office is closed you may use our drop box located outside City Hall. 
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