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City of Clarkston Construction/Project Approval Checklist

  1. City of Clarkston
    Construction/Project Approval Checklist
  2. 375 Depot Clarkston, Mi. 48346
  3. Note: All § references below are to the main pertinent provisions of the City Zoning Ordinance No. 129. This checklist is intended as an operational guide only. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to amend or waive any applicable provisions of such ordinance.
  4. Does the current and/or proposed principal use conform to that for which the project property is zoned? (See for example §5.01)
  5. Does the project’s existing and proposed structures conform to all building regulations, for the property as zoned, including any applicable provisions in §§13.00, 14.00 and 15.00 et seq, such as:
  6. Is the proposed project limited to the construction of or addition to one single-family residence on a single lot or an accessory building for such residence or is it otherwise exempt from formal site plan review pursuant to §§ 14.09C or E?
  7. Is the proposed project located outside the Historic District?
  8. A. Construction of a new freestanding structure of not more than 500 sq. ft. which does not exceed one story in height, or; B. Construction affecting a non-historic structure (less than 50 years old and not otherwise designated historic by the Commission) which adds not more than 500 sq. ft. to the structure and does not exceed one story in height; or, C. Construction affecting a historic structure more than 50 years old or designated historic by the Commission which: 1. Replaces not more than 30% of any exterior wall surface or its supporting structure and uses replacement materials of the same size, composition, design and texture; or, 2. Replaces or reconstructs any existing roof surface or its supporting structure without altering the pitch but does not install skylites or other roof projections of any kind visible from the street; or, 3. Constructs an addition of not more 500 sq. ft. attached to the rear facade where the addition side facades are inset at least 6" from the comers of the rear facade and the addition roof ridge is at least 6" below the roof ridge of the facade to which it is attached; Provided, however, that such work shall not add, remove, relocate, alter the exterior appearance of, change the basic size or shape of or cover any exterior trim, or window or door opening on any exterior facade except a rear facade nor shall it include sandblasting wood siding or painting unpainted masonry, brick or stonework.
  9. Does the Code Officer find the proposed project complies with applicable building codes?
  10. Code Officer issues building permit(s) and monitors work to assure compliance with building codes as well as plans as filed and approved by ZBA and/or HDC.
  11. 12/4/15
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